Create your own investor proposal document to help you secure private finance for your future property investments. 


Over the last 2 years that I have built up my knowledge in the property industry, I have come to realise that money quickly runs out! Working with private investors is inevitably the way that landlords continue to grow their portfolios.


What is included in this purchase?

1x PDF document to download. 


NOT FOR PRIVATE INVESTORS - If you are looking to invest your money for a fixed return, this doc is not for you. Please visit my 'Services' page.


This is a basic proposal document for you to use as inspiration and ideas when creating your own document (its not an editable template). This document is to help you save time when writing your own.


By making this purchase, you are accepting that this is just an example document, and not a legally binding document. Any proposal document that you create is your own responsibility, and should be checked by a professional before working with investors. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy your purchase.

Investor Proposal Document (Example Document)

  • Format is PDF. It is not an editable template.