Over the 2 years that I have researched and analysed property deals, I have built a basic and effective buy-to-let spreadsheet. Now I have decided to sell it, to save new investors hours of time.


Spreadsheets include;


Tab 1 - BRR

  • BRRR Calculator - get all your money out, and helps you decide on an offer price.
  • Cash Flow Calculator
  • Refurb Calculator
  • Mortgage Stress Test


Tab 2 - Standard BTL ROI Calculator

  • Calculate the Yield & ROI of your BTL
  • Cash Flow Calculator
  • Refurb Calculator
  • Mortgage Stress Test


Tabs 3 & 4

  • Key Performance Indicators KPIs - viewings / offer / revenue tracker
  • Portfolio Tracker - helps you create a 3-5 year income plan


Plus a 20 minute video walkthrough explaining how the layout and 

formulas work.


This is the perfect spreadsheet for a new investor, looking to purchase their first buy-to-let, and build a portfolio in the near future.

BRRR & Buy-To-Let Portfolio Spreadsheet

  • Format is XLSX, which works on Microsoft and Mac.

  • Following a successful purchase, you will automatically be taken to a webpage that allows you to download the spreadsheets.