EARN FIXED INTEREST % on your money


Property investing is often more of a romantic notion that people have, because they want to own multiple properties.

However, not everyone considers potential maintenance issues, void periods, tenant evictions, lost money through refurbishments, the list goes on...

With fixed investing, none of those are an issue. A fixed % is paid on the capital invested over a 12 month term.

The average single let profits £250 per month, and £3,000 per annum (providing no maintenance issues come up).

The average fixed investor can earn the same off a £30,000 investment per annum, with less risk and no maintenance issues.


With interest rates at an all time historic low of 0.1%, now is definitely the time to look at alternative options to your money.

By simply leaving your money in the bank year on year, it devalues due to inflation.


Every property and investment has multiple exit strategies.

All deals are highly researched and de-risked.

Loan agreements are drawn up to provide security.

I invite you to do your due diligence on all deals presented.


Beat the banks.

Invest completely hands off, and passive.

Compound your money.

1-3 year investment terms available.

Interest can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly.

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**Serious investment bookings only.**